Connections Business Directory Plugin – How to Create a List of Categories

How to Create a List of Categories Using the Connections Business Directory Plugin

If you’re looking to add a business directory to your WordPress website, I highly recommend the Connections Business Directory plugin. I found it for free in the plugins repository. There’s also a premium version which I have not tried yet.

The first opportunity I’ve had to use Connections was on a site for our local Internet marketing meetup group –

Once I installed and activated the plugin, a simple shortcode was added to the page where we wanted the listings to show up. The shortcode is:  [connections] and here’s an example of what the listing look like on a page – The issue that we came across was that when we used that shortcode, all the listing were appearing and they seemed to be appearing in the order they were entered. Instead of having all listings on one page, we wanted to have a page with a list of categories and when the category was clicked on, it would then open up to a page with only listings from that category.

In order to make that happen, we first created a page called Directory Categories and listed all the categories in alphabetical order. Then we created a new page for each category and added this simple shortcode to the page [connections category_in=x]. X will need to be replaced with the category ID number. You can find the category ID number by going to your Dashboard>Connections>Category. We then linked each category page to the appropriate category in our list.

For those of you who are visual learners like myself, here’s a step by step tutorial on how to create a list of categories using Connections…


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    Hi Julie,

    You are the consummate networker! I’m enjoying checking out the Avada FB group you coordinate; thanks for letting me in there. :)

    Although I don’t use the Connections Business Directory plugin, I’ve shared it with our Bloggers Mastermind Skype group. Never know who will need your tips about creating categories. Also tweeted (I’m @CoachNotesBlog) … Well done!

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