Manual WordPress Installations for Better Security

One Click WordPress Installs vs Manual WordPress Installations

Whether you are new to WordPress or a seasoned WordPress user, you’ve probably heard of the one-click WordPress installations available through most of your hosting providers. Up until about a year and a half ago, I was using the one-click installs until a friend explained to me the security risk involved with a one-click install.

Reasons You DON’T Want to Use the One-Click WordPress Installation

  • With the installers like Fantastico Deluxe, the installer creates your database for you and it is named “wrdp1″. If a second database is created, it would be “wrdp2″. Since this is common knowledge to hackers, using these database names is going to make it easier for your site to be hacked.
  • The one-click installs add a prefix of “wp_” to your tables. Again, this is something that hackers know and can use this knowledge to break your site.
  • One-click installers add unneeded additional files to your site which adds unnecessary “bloat” to your site.
  • Some of the one-click installers don’t always install the latest version of WordPress. You always want the latest version of WordPress installed on your site as the WordPress updates frequently include security updates.

What is the Solution?

The solutions is to do a manual WordPress installation. You don’t have to have any special coding skills, but you do need to be able to follow the instructions. In the video below, I’ve carefully documented step by step how to do a manual WordPress installation. For the Do-It-Yourselfers, you should be able to easily do a secure installation. If you’re not inclined, I’m happy to do a FREE WordPress Manual Installation! That’s right, I’ll do it for free providing you purchase your hosting through our affiliate link for either SiteGround or HostGator. Once you’ve made your purchase, I’ll need the login details and I will set up your WordPress installation for you.

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  1. says

    That tutorial was so helpful!
    I was really nervous about doing a manual install but you took me by the hand and lead my to a successful install.
    Thank you so very much!

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